Why Advantage Builder? The answer is AUTOMATION. Automation is the future. Automation is free time, and time is..., you guessed it. Now that we have your attention, the key question is, How Do We Achieve AUTOMATION ? The short answer is SCRIPTING. The benefits of scripting are numerous. For starters, there is no need to compile your code, or create elaborate setup, installation projects. Essentially scripts are just text files.

Historically, the biggest drawback of scripts has been a lack of User Interface options and lack of programming power. Advantage Builder has changed all that!

I am excited to report to you, that there is a way to build entire applications capable of database and user interactions entirely using script - i.e. text based source code. Advantage Builder has been designed to glue together the three essential elements to deliver a scripting platform, capable of accomplishing any task. The three elements I am talking about are:

  • HTML/Javascript/CSS driven UI
  • Main Driving Script - a controller if you like, written in JScript or Powershell
  • .NET Extensions that stretch script power to perform DB, and UI tasks among others
Together these three components work to bring awesome power of scripts at you finger tips.

I am excited to tell you, how I am personally using Advantage Builder everyday to condense my 8 hours into just 1. I use code generating capabilities of scripts to create all layers of my applications from SQL and Stored Procedures to .NET middle tier and data access classes. I even use scripts to create .bat files to deploy my SQL scripts.

However, my goal is to create a revolution in an industry. I am no longer content with keeping all the benefits to myself. That's why I am committed to gifting you, and everyone willing to accept this gift, a chance to share in the benefits of AUTOMATION.